Ghanaian teacher who moved overseas with a GHC 20,000 loan offers his colleagues some helpful advice

A Ghanaian teacher who first moved to Canada is now living in the USA. He went viral on social media by sharing his inspirational story and giving insightful advise to other educators who are thinking about moving abroad.

The man shared his thoughts on moving to Canada and then the United States, along with the difficulties and lessons he had to learn, in a moving video.

The teacher is seen in the widely circulated video seeming genuinely sincere as he tells his colleagues not to let money worries deter them, citing his personal experience.

Even though he was paid very little in Ghana, he made the brave decision to follow his dream of moving to another country and working there.

The teacher used his job to his advantage to get over the financial obstacle and obtained a loan of 20,000 cedis to pay for his travel and visa procedure.

He lost out on GH1,600 in monthly pay as a result of this choice, but he didn’t let it stop him from looking for chances overseas.

The instructor was open about the difficulties he had during the procedure, especially with regard to his bank balance.

But he also stressed the value of taking chances in life and using one’s experience in the workplace to reach new heights.

“I encourage all my colleagues not to complain about lacking funds for travel because I was once in that situation. Take risks, it’s part of life,” he stated in the video.

Aside from taking deadly risks, the teacher also attributed his success to the grace of God.

Watch the video below to know more…

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