Ghana lacks purpose, this government is on free SHS the next will say free wives – Pastor Michael Boadi Nyamekye

The leader of Maker’s House Chapel International, Michael Boadi Nyamekye has exclaimed Ghana lacks purpose.

According to him, this is accounting for a lot of problems we are facing in the country.

Speaking during Sunday service yesterday January 5, Pastor Michael Boadi Nyamekye said all political leaders come into office to satisfy their short-sighted agenda and their most concern of what to do within the four year-term to be able to win political power again.

He noted that all political parties are running boutique manifesto at the detriment of the Ghanaian populace.

“The reason why we have a lot of problem in our nation and we are running manifesto boutique is because the nation in itself lacks purpose, so anybody comes into office is running on an agenda of satisfying short-sighted agenda that does not suit a generation that is to come, so government comes into office and all that they are concern about is what are we going to do within four years, so what will become of the nation in 20 years to come?”he said.

Pastor Nyamekyere speaking on the issues of implementing a national agenda, said because Ghana is not focusing on implementing a national agenda that will bide all political parties to tailor their manifestos accordingly, the current government will be focusing on Free SHS and when they are out of power, the next government will go in for free wives.

“So this one will come and the agenda will be Free SHS, another will come and it will be free wives, and we say there is a national agenda, the last time I checked who was implementing the agenda, who is checking that the manifesto is aligned with the agenda” he stated.

Pastor Michael Boadi Nyamekye also demeaned the posture of most preachers who now take delight in predicting political victory than preaching the word of God to impact lives.

“Unfortunately, preachers have changed the gospel into manipulations and predictions, whereby now a prophet does not care about the nation that we are going wayward and not the tangent of holiness and purity and prophesying that NDC will win, NPP will win,no you are a small boy, who wins is not the matter as far as the people are poor there is no business of who wins,” he advised other preachers.

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