Ghana Card To Go Digital Next Year

According to Moses K. Baiden, CEO of Margins ID Group, Ghana would introduce a digital version of the Ghana Card, the country’s universal identity, in addition to the physical card the following year.

In an interview with Techfocus24, a tech-focused news website, he revealed this.

Similar to the e-passport profile on the Ghana Card, he claims that the electronic ID profile is already on the card and will be activated in the upcoming year.

Moses Baiden emphasized that when the time comes, all data on the Ghana Card’s chip will be transferred via an app to the owner’s SIM card or chip on their phone. A digital copy of the Ghana Card will then be created on the phone with a bar or QR code that can be scanned digitally for a variety of uses.

Ghana Card To Go Digital Next Year

Because the Ghana Card is chip-based and all information is writeable on it, the same information can be written on a phone’s chip. This way, in situations where a physical Ghana Card is unavailable, a “near-field communication” device created and developed by Margins can use the phone chip to confirm an individual’s identity.

“We will also have a digital ID Card which looks just like your original Ghana Card with your picture, card number, date of birth and everything else plus a bar/QR code which can be scanned from your phone screen for all purposes”, he added.

In fact, Moses Baiden believes that Kenya’s recent announcement of a project to issue digital ID cards to its citizens—instead of physical ID cards—is not a good idea, especially for a developing nation like Kenya where the benefits of the system would be limited and it would not cover all use cases.

He clarified that although the Ghana Card’s digital counterpart functions just as well as the physical card does, it cannot be accessible for verifications if the holder’s phone dies.

Once more, not everyone owns a phone, and not all areas have the technology in place to read a digital ID. For these reasons, the physical card is required.

Because mobile phone penetration is significant, the digital ID can be a good addition to the physical Ghana Card but “we are not yet at the stage where we can discard the physical card and go completely digital”, Moses Baiden further said.

However, he emphasized that having both is crucial for convenience, as the digital ID card can be used for everything in the event that the physical one is misplaced or forgotten.

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