GH man set to begin Funeral-A-Thon Guinness World Record marathon

Ghana has seen a surge in Guinness World Record attempts as people showcase their special skills and interests in a number of first-ever “A-Thons.”

The Singathon by national hero Afua Asantewaa and the legendary Cookathon by Chef Faila started the trend.

The focus now shifts to Adu Safowaah’s ambitious speech-a-thon and Isaac Amoako’s impending read-aloud marathon.

But defying convention, a young man from Ghana named Ryan Mount is preparing for a very unique endeavor: the Funeral-A-Thon.

GH man set to begin Funeral-A-Thon Guinness World Record marathon

Ryan Mount, a young man from Kumasi in his late 20s, is going to attempt a first-ever Guinness World Records Funeral-A-Thon, taking a break from his musical, gastronomic, and oratory endeavors.

Ryan has sent a formal letter to the awarding body and is looking forward to hearing back in the next few days or weeks.

Ryan’s audacious plan calls for going to two funerals in a row for an incredible four months.


Despite being out of the ordinary, the Funeral-A-Thon has the potential to raise awareness of a facet of life that is sometimes disregarded in the realm of extraordinary accomplishments.

Ryan Mount gave a statement outlining his reasoning for organizing the Funeral-A-Thon, saying, “While many people seek records in speaking, cooking, and singing, I wanted to bring attention to the universal aspect of life—death.”

Funeral attendance may seem out of the ordinary for a record, but it’s an acceptance of a necessary aspect of life. It serves as a means of honoring the lives of the departed and highlighting the value of assistance from the community at difficult times.

Ryan’s approach is to dispel the myths around record-breaking and promote a more inclusive dialogue about the range of experiences that people have in life.

The Ghanaian populace is curious in and supportive of Ryan Mount’s unusual goal as he waits for a response from Guinness World Records.

If officially acknowledged, the Funeral-A-Thon will be added to the collection of notable records, bringing something fresh to the eclectic mix of Guinness World Record accomplishments.

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GH man set to begin Funeral-A-Thon Guinness World Record marathon

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