Gabon coup: Watch huge cash stash allegedly found in a politician home

Two films went viral not just in Gabon but throughout the rest of the globe in the hours following the announcement of the August 30th coup.

The two were popular for various causes.

The most contentious footage showed a hefty cash haul that was purportedly found at a politician’s house who was being held.

One of the seven politicians jailed by the junta on suspicions of treason, money laundering, corruption, and other offenses has been linked by various reports to the plunder.

Others have even hinted that the money was discovered in president Ali Bongo’s residence, which analysts say is unlikely.

The ownership of the funds cannot be independently verified by GhanaWeb, especially because neither the junta nor the media have covered it.

Gabon coup: Watch huge cash stash allegedly found in a politician home

What the video contained:

In the 23-second video, about a dozen big travel suitcases have been flung open and each one is filled with bundles of cash to the brim.

From what this reporter saw, the bundles are largely untouched with their polythene wrapper and are likely to have been dispatched from the central bank or a holding point.

The officials inspecting the sums include one in simple clothes whiles another, dressed like a member of the security agency is also sighted.

There are armed security men also captured in the video.

Some experts have warned that in times like this, such amounts could be planted at homes of politicians as a way of implicating them for trumped-up charges by adversaries who may be in position of power.


In order to be sure that the particular video has not at any point been circulated online, GhanaWeb did a video verification using InVid WeVerify software.

From our findings, the video has not previously been uploaded online. A further search of screenshots from the video did not return any old matches via Google Reverse Image and Tin Eye searches.

Deposed Ali Bongo appeals for “noise” from friends

The other video was a 53-second video of the ousted president, Ali Bongo, confirming the coup whiles calling for allies across the world to make “noise.”

It generated considerable reaction from people who slammed him for being desperate about power and holding on despite failing health.

Almost all media channels across the world have use it in full or in part for their reports on the situation in Gabon.

Other videos that gained popularity were the formal announcement of the coup plus the announcement of Brice Oligui Nguema as head of the transition.

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