Funniest Things That Can Happen During S*x

When sex goes wrong, it can often result in some pretty serious injuries. Other times, however, it’s just damn funny. In a thread on Reddit, people have been sharing the most hilarious things that have happened during sex with their partners.

For instance, pillow talk doesn’t always come out quite as sexy as it sounds in our heads, as this man recalls: “My girlfriend will say a lot of stuff whilst in the throes of passion that she doesn’t even remember saying, and recently she was on top and I was grabbing her breasts and she very sensually says ‘do you like these boobies?’ It was so funny to me that she called them boobies and I couldn’t stop laughing and she kept going ‘what!?’”

It’s perfectly fine if talking dirty isn’t your forte: plenty of people have tried it and ended up finding it more awkward and embarrassing. Stuck on where to begin? Keep it simple: tell your partner how sexy they look. As Lauren Larson writes here: “Compliments count as dirty talk.”

Sometimes, our bodies are what let us down. Muscles can seize up, cramp, or spasm, and we have to hit pause until it passes. And then there are the other bodily functions which can happen in the heat of the moment:

“My wife farted on my balls,” says one man, adding, in fairness, that they both found it hilarious. Plenty of other people on the thread also admitted that while an unexpected fart can definitely kill their momentum (at least briefly), it’s also undeniably funny.

Equally funny were the times when over-enthusiastic lovemaking ended in somebody falling fully off the bed — as long as they didn’t hurt themselves too badly. “The part of the bed frame that goes into the headboard broke, and we both fell off the bed and onto the floor,” says one such comment. “We kept pounding away, but both of us were laughing.”

In instances like this, sharing funny moments together can make sex feel even more intimate. What bonds you with another person more quickly than you both laughing uncontrollably over something?

We could all do with taking sex a little less seriously. Be honest; the act is inherently ridiculous, and the less shame or embarrassment we feel about our own bodies, the better.

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