Fuel prices increment; petrol at ¢13.49, diesel going for ¢13.95

The cost of gasoline at the pump has been modified by several oil marketing corporations.

Joy Business has learned that several of the oil marketing companies began the examination on Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

One liter of gasoline costs $13.49 at Shell. On the other side, diesel costs $13.95.

Another significant competitor in the market, Star Oil, also raised its pricing, offering a litre of gasoline for 11.99 pesewas and a litre of diesel for 13.39.

Fuel prices increment; petrol at ¢13.49, diesel going for ¢13.95

However, about five days after the deadline of October 2, 2023, several of the other significant oil marketing companies still haven’t changed the rates at the pumps.

Some businesses have disclosed to Joy Business that they are still keeping an eye on the market before revising their rates.

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