Friday December 1 Declared Public Holiday

In observance of the yearly Farmers’ Day, Friday, December 1, 2023, has been formally designated as a public holiday by Interior Minister Ambrose Dery.

The announcement is made in advance of Farmers’ Day, a national holiday honoring the contributions of farmers all throughout the country.

Farmers’ Day, December 1, 2023, will be honored nationwide as a Statutory Public Holiday, according to a statement issued today by Ambrose Dery. He pleaded with everyone to honor and abide by this proclamation.

In Ghana, farmers’ day is a much-loved holiday that honors their essential contribution to maintaining the country’s agricultural economy and guaranteeing food security. The occasion provides a chance to recognize the toil, devotion, and priceless contributions made by farmers to Ghana’s socioeconomic development.

Friday December 1 Declared Public Holiday

The commemoration of Farmers’ Day this year is anticipated to be especially noteworthy because it is in line with the government’s continuous initiatives to enhance and promote agriculture in the nation. The occasion will highlight farmers’ accomplishments and successes while also showcasing cutting-edge agricultural technologies and practices that have boosted productivity and promoted sustainable farming techniques.
The Western region’s Tarkwa is the site of the event.

Across the nation, there will be a variety of events and celebrations to commemorate the day, such as speeches by public authorities, cultural exhibits, agricultural shows, and award ceremonies. In addition to paying tribute to the farmers, these gatherings will give agricultural industry participants a forum for dialogue and idea sharing about how to improve the sector even further.

In addition, the Interior Minister called on all Ghanaians to celebrate Farmers’ Day in the true spirit of the occasion by appreciating and helping their local farmers.

He underlined that in order to maintain the agriculture sector’s expansion and development—which is still essential to the country’s prosperity—we must work together.

Ghanaians are urged to take advantage of this chance as the public holiday draws near to consider the important role that farmers play, to recognize the labor of these individuals, and to express gratitude for their contributions to the food security and economic stability of their country.

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