Floyd Mayweather: Boxing legend shows off Rolls Royce worth $600k

Floyd Mayweather has again stretched the biceps of his massive fortune after showing off his newly-acquired Rolls Royce Phantom dubbed “private jet of the road” to the enthusiasm of his ardent followers on Instagram. Our Manifesto:

This is what believes in The American sport celebrity remains one of big names to ever walked on boxing trajectory with grandeur of championship, social prestige and the financial strength to prove it.

And usual of his extravagant personality, the 41-year-old retired boxer sets social media ablaze by bringing himself into the middle of conversation with an eye-catching show of wealth.

Donned in light-blue jean and lovely pair of snickers, the boxing legend seems to be proud of his lavish lifestyle after adding the expensive Rolls Royce Phantom reportedly worth $600k to his fleet of sophisticated cars.

Mayweather, who topped a popular but costly Louis Vuitton jacket on a round-neck polo, gave a sublime majestic pose in the from of the car as his fans hailed him religiously. “Who would love to have the lifestyle?” a fan commented. Others commented with emojis of money, meaning the retired boxer is on his own a money in pack.

Renowned boxer celebrates 41st birthday; captured in amazing photos Mayweather had an incredible career before hanging the gloves after his victory over Irish UFC star Conor MacGregor in 2017.

The former WBC welterweight and junior middle-weight champion boasts of 50-0 undefeated streaks in boxing history throughout his professional career.

The legendary boxer has been in the news for flaunting his riches in many ways. Not long ago the media reported how he showed off his customised $60m private jet in mouthwatering photos.


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