Five things coconut water can do for skin

Consider the coconut vendor at your intersection before purchasing pricey beauty items from the mall or skincare shop.


Coconut water has skin-brightening elements such as vitamin and amino acids. These compounds can help you achieve flawless skin and turn heads.


The advantages of coconut water are mostly related to its consumption and external use on the skin.


There is no evidence that applying coconut water to the skin reduces redness, blackheads, or skin pigmentation.


Take advantage of the beauty benefits of coconut water, which are more than just drink to help you relax on your beach vacation or during the blistering summer heat.

1. Flushes out toxins

Enriched with vitamins A, K and C, coconut water cleanses the skin thoroughly for a healthier-looking skin due to its collagen production.

2. Prevents ageing

Coconut water helps your skin to repair and restore itself faster, thereby reducing signs of ageing due to cytokines present in it.

3. Fights acne

Regularly intake coconut water soothes your gut as well as your entire body from the inside, which makes acne occurrences extremely rare.

4. Glow Effect

Coconut water is hydrating and nourishing which helps with cases like patch skin and dry skin. When drunk habitually, it eventually leaves the skin with a glow effect.

5. Boost complexion

Coconut water is a type of protein ‘cytokines’, which helps in boosting cell growth and thus makes our complexion clean and clear. It also is rich in vitamins C which helps to brighten and lighten the skin.


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