Five common things women dislike about men


common things women dislike about men

Once a man is in a relationship with a woman ,there are commonly attitude he puts up which his woman dislikes about him but can’t vomit it out . And akosua Boatemaa has gathered all these Education for u.. Let’s go;

Every man at least once in life had asked himself: what women don’t like in men. He asked, what kind of behavior repels them and how to avoid the breakup.

1. Empty promises

If a man makes empty promises and raises false hopes, it’s the first thing that can push away a woman. It destroys trust and respect. Long-lasting feelings depend on both.

We look for someone we can rely on. If you can’t keep your word, I can’t trust you! It’s simple.

Don’t make promises if you’re not sure that you can keep them.

I’ll do my best – this is the correct answer, which implies “I don’t promise to do it, but I’ll do what I can”.

Don’t talk. Act. Don’t say. Show. Don’t promise. Prove. It is your best interest to remember this.

2. Excessive jealousy

Women like it when a man shows healthy jealousy. She’ll feel important. But when jealousy takes control, the result will be rejection. Jealousy has no bearing on love.

On the foundation of love, there is a conscious preference for loyalty and responsibility for your chosen one.

The basis of jealousy is the fear of losing what you love. Usually, this feeling comes from a lack of confidence in yourself and your relationship.

Constant outbursts of jealousy only mess up love and turn your relationship into suffering and distrust. It can lead to a breakup.

If you want to stay together, learn to trust your woman and work on your self-esteem. In men, we feel a man’s power and confidence, and this is what we find particularly attractive.

When I say power, it doesn’t mean you need to rule the world. Your power comes from being in harmony with yourself. It will bring balance into your love life.

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3. Lack of attention

Women forgive mistakes. The man’s indifference and his lack of attention don’t count as mistakes. We consider them a crime.

The woman changed her hairstyle. Maybe she changed the color. She is wearing a new dress. If you fail to notice these, for a woman, it feels like as it feels for you when you repair something with your hands, and she doesn’t see it.

The secret desire of a woman is always to be attractive to her man!

We long for your attention, admiration, and care. It is essential for us to know, feel, and understand that we are loved and desired.

In the absence of attention, women begin to look for it elsewhere.

Show your attention to her affairs, to her moods, what she thinks, what she dreams, what are her experiences.

Compliment her. Talk to her about your feelings.

Learn to show your interest in her talks even if it seems chatter to you at times. When she has your attention, she will provide you with her affection and love.

4. Stinginess
There is no relationship that does not inquired both partners spending together.

Women do not get into a perfect relationship with stingy men simply because he wouldn’t be able to give out or spend on his woman and no woman can stay with stingy man.

Any relationship that the woman do not ask her guy for money means either the lady is having another partner who sponsors her and pamper her with money, and she will leave the stingy man for the man who is supporting her . Women are into spending  and assuming she is in a relationship with such  man ,she will dislikes him without him knowing what is actually happening.

To have a perfect relationship with a lady,you must be willing to support her or at least be a little generous with her and whatever that she needs .(you try at least your possible best as a man to provide).

5. Indecision

Indecision may cause disappointment, failure, lost opportunities.

When a man can’t decide on the expression of feelings, his actions, or when he has no opinion, he will look insecure and dependent in the eyes of the women.

We love confident men who define priorities, formulate thoughts, and act. These traits make a man attractive to a woman. Do you want to know the reason? If you are decisive, she feels safe with you.

I want you to be that man for her.

Think positive, trust yourself, face the obstacles that life throws serene without panic, seek the things that you love, act, learn and grow.

And what if you feel scared?

Being confident doesn’t mean you are never afraid or you never feel that you make difficult decisions. It’s the opposite. It means you make the decision even when it’s difficult. If all decisions were easy, there would be no confidence in making them. See?

Choice and responsibility nourish your relationship. It is a choice – to be or not to be. And if it is to be, it’s also a choice, how.
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