Fingers crossed: Nigel Gaisie to drop Prophetic Election Result In November

The Founder and Leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie is in the news again after he hinted of making a prophetic declaration on the 2020 general Election as the country gears towards elections on December 7.


According to Prophet Gaisie, the prophecy will be made known in November as the months of August to October has been dedicated to prayers for an answer to who becomes President of the Republic of Ghana for the next four years.


Nigel Gaisie who sounds very optimistic went on asserted that God has revealed to him that the name of the elected president will be mentioned in his church. Therefore, advised that the nation would have to pay particular attention to the word when the day comes. He, however, did not mention the exact date for which such a declaration would be made in November


“I will tell them what the Lord says the election by November. We are in August. From September to October I am praying. The Lord told me this church is producing a President the nation Ghana, and so we’re praying for it to manifest. So in November, I shall speak and when I do, the nation will listen.”


Asked if the nation is safe for the coming elections, Nigel Gaisie stressed that there’s no cause for alarm. He remarked that the election would be peaceful.

“The nation is safe. It is very safe, so everything will be just fine,” he added.

It could be recalled that Prophet Nigel Gaisie had already prophesied the outcome of the polls, and it was in favor of the former President John Mahama.

But other prophets like Rev. Owusu Bempah believes otherwise. He had made it emphatically clear that victory has been delivered on President Nana Addo and there’s nothing that could be done to overturn it.

In an interesting remark on these contradicting prophecies, Prophet Nigel Gaisie mentioned that such prophecies could change over time but charged believers to pray towards it.


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