Filling O2 Arena isn’t my concentration now, my Priority Is To Feed My Family – Amerado

Rapper Amerado claims that neither his mental health nor his music career have been significantly impacted by social media trolls or competition from Nigeria.

He claims that he is unfazed by the accomplishments of Nigerian music groups like the Asakes, Burna Boys, Wizkids, and Davidos, all of whom broke records by playing to packed houses at London’s O2 Arena.

A few days ago, Asake created history by performing in front of 20,000 fans who filled the O2 Arena while singing, yelling, and dancing to his hit songs.

Answering a question on whether or not these feats by the Nigerian artistes have an effect on him, Amerado responded; “I’ve watched his performance and the way he carried himself on stage. It’s beautiful. I just have to applaud him and work harder, strive for the best but I can’t say Asake has filled O2, so Stonebwoy who is hosting shows and going on tours, Stonebwoy is not good. King Promise has the number 1 song on Boomplay, the whole Africa. Are we talking about it enough?”

Filling O2 Arena isn’t my concentration now, my Priority Is To Feed My Family – Amerado

To him, performing at O2 Arena is a dream but not his priority.

“The topmost priority is to feed home…We, the artistes, are already suffering for us to even add O2 worries to our worries. Boys are hungry! We can’t even get shows to perform. The shows that were organized in December, how many of them was I billed to perform for me to worry about O2?”, he told UTV’s “United Showbiz” host MzGee.

He asked Ghanaians to stop dumping the spirits of their own artistes who put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears in their craft.

“All we know is to push the next person away for another to come…In Ghana [okay, okay, fine case], even if we organize free shows, check the numbers and compare it with paid shows. They don’t attend. When you host a show abroad, they would rather use the money to attend funeral or wedding because there will be free food, but the same Ghanaians will say a Nigerian has filled O2, so Amerado is not working hard because he is doing a video with his mom to promo his song. If I don’t promo my song, how will I fend for myself?…Let’s support ourselves. We should stay United and push ourselves to the top.”





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