Fameye reveals the huge amount of money he spent in one night because of ‘broken heart’

Ghanaian highlife crooner, Fameye, has revealed how he spent more than 3,000 Cedis in one night after splitting up with his fiancée.

He claimed that the depressing incident occurred on a day that was meant to be joyous.
Fameye described the traumatic event in an interview with Accra 100.5 FM, saying he was expecting to enjoy the results of his labor until he received the news after getting paid for a gig in Winneba.

However, he claimed that the shock of learning about the breakup—which was heartbreaking—led him to shave off his hair that evening. He proceeded on a spending binge, blowing all the money he earned from the concert in Winneba in one night, as if that weren’t enough.

Fameye reveals the huge amount of money he spent in one night because of ‘broken heart’ – Fameye

“It was a painful experience. I remember it was in Winneba, I had just come back from a show, that was before I even made it big, I was paid 3,000 cedis and I had gone to see her, that was when she broke up with me. I even gave her 50 Cedis out of the 3,000.

“I cut off my rasta and then I just went to my room to sleep,” he said.

He claimed that even though he had to go see a female friend for comfort, he was still in agony, so he made the decision to go to a pub with several pals and spend all of his money on drinks.

“Later I then went to Winnifred (an old classmate of mine) where I broke down and poured my heart out to her. She slowly consoled me and raised my spirits.

“But I still wasn’t ok so I went with some friends to a pub where I spent all my money on drinks and kebab to prove that I wasn’t hurt. By the time I got home, the entire three thousand cedis was gone,” he said.

Fameye advised his followers to be cautious and guard their hearts when in relationships.

“Broken heart is not easy, I’ve noticed that If you put all your heart into loving a woman, it’s very risky. So be careful in relationships,” he said.

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