Fake pregnant woman arrested for baby theft

A married lady from the Upper East Region’s Bawku West area has been detained for allegedly taking a week-old infant from Zebilla area Hospital by pretending to be pregnant.

An area chief provided a tip that resulted in the suspect’s arrest. The suspect was about to be lynched until the principal hospital staff intervened in a timely manner. She was subsequently taken to Bawku and is currently being held by the police as they aid with their investigations.

The infant has now been saved and reunited with its distressed mother, according to a Dr. Ayobi Abdul Rahman, proving that it is safe and sound.

Fake pregnant woman arrested for baby theft

Police are not disclosing the identify of the accused baby theft, but it is believed that the suspect lied to her family by pretending to be pregnant in order to appease society after a year of marriage without a kid.

It was said that she had taken the baby from the mother’s blind side with the intention of presenting it as her own child, but misfortune befell her when the chief discovered what she had done and alerted the authorities, resulting in her detention.

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