Fake iPhone 11 Pro Max sold to local man -WATCH VIDEO

Fake iPhone 11 Pro Max sold to local man -WATCH VIDEO

The streets are scary and full of tricksters so you have to be extra smart else your intelligence would be played with.

A young man decided to buy iPhone 11 Pro Max so he went to a popular phone Market in Nigeria to get himself one.

Unfortunately for him, he was given a fake phone. It’s actually an iPhone but it’s a lower version (iPhone 7plus) that was customized to look like iPhone 11 Pro Max.

So the young man reached home only to realize that what he paid for wasn’t what he was given.

He came back immediately to the place he bought the phone from but stupidly on his side, he can’t even identify the person who sold the phone to him.


Watch the video below:


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They sold him a fake iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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