Fake crippled beggar caught; forced to walk

A phony beggar who sits in a wheelchair and claims to be crippled so that others will feel sorry for him and give him something to fend for himself has been apprehended and forced to walk.

In Mombasa, a coastal city in southeastern Kenya, the beggar who constantly paraded as a cripple saw his luck run out.

The video of the conceited beggar who claims to be crippled in order to get money by begging has sent shivers down the spines of internet users.

Before his devious schemes were discovered, he would camp out in a wheelchair on busy Mombasa streets, begging money from passers-by.

However, he was discovered not to be a cripple after several members of the public noticed something unusual about the way he walked along the street.

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They cornered him while he was begging in one of his favorite areas and told him to get out of the wheelchair. To everyone’s surprise, he had his legs intact and in good condition as he proceeded to walk.

Watch the video below;

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