John Mahama Shed Tears After Seeing His E-Block Left In The bush By NPP Government

It has being a national norm and canker, when ones government starts a project and couldn’t complete, the next government to come to power ignores and start a new project.

Almost all our political parties exhibits same procedure. After the regime of Dr Nkrumah, all subsequent parties does projects for campaign sake and in favour of party’s glory.

Not quite long, John Mahama builds numerous senior high school across the nation to better the education system of Ghana of which alots are beneficial in the free education policy.

However,some are also left in bushes under NPP government. Showing no care and attention.

Ex-president through his tour sheds tears after seeing one of his numerous blocks being left in a bush. Expressing pain and sadness for toiling in vain.

Will Ghana ever progress with this kind of leadership?

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