Every Man’s Night Duty

As a man, your night duty is simple; satisfy her.

Bring her close with your D*ck, hard on her butt. Hold her tits, with two-finger working on the nipples. Kiss her on the neck. While your other hand in her panties, with your two fingers working on her clit.

Take off her clothes and work on that clit because you will be rewarded for your fine job. Most of you don’t do this, “ema kaan insert oko sinu obo straight”, which is very wrong. Eat it keep eating keep going use your fingers. I will soon cum don’t f*cking stop.

Combine this fore play with some breaks of dirty talks, going down on your lady will get her much closer to orgasm, so when you do penetrate, it won’t take that many stroke before she’s “satisfied” all naa brain, Mr man.

You no some women like me enjoy clitoris orgasm, then a little dick afterwards. So If your partner prefers clitoris orgasm, then just lay upright beside her and that pussy, keep an intimate eye contact with her, and finger that pussy to tears. Don’t freaking stop.

You will see her legs and whole body vibrate and she might even pee on you just don’t be scared

Penetrate immediately!!
Penetrate immediately!!
Penetrate immediately!!
Penetrate immediately!!
Penetrate immediately!!

Keep a steady stroke; not too fast, not too slow

See lemme tell you a secret we girls keep from you>>>> The fun of every night lies on the shoulder of every mind-blowing sex positions that the guy generates.

You will hear her whispering to you “oh my god, babe you’re a fuck guru!!” and you ode you’ll be smiling.

Hit The Fast-Forward Button Towards Her Orgasm

It’s important that you pay attention to all of her erogenous zones as well, it’s kind of like entering a cheat code to skip levels. If you are already penetrating correctly, or she’s on top, then sucking, pulling, spanking of her sexy parts, combined with some dirty talk (that’s the cheat code), and you’ll feel her tightening up, gyrating and vibrating into orgasm in no time.

You only watch porn, you don’t learn. Shame on you boy. Jonny Sins should be your role model for Christ sake.

This should be every man’s duty towards his lady before sleeping “Her Satisfaction is Your Key To A Solid Relationship”. Orgasm is for everyone.

A woman will stay in a relationship with a broke guy, as long as the sex & dick is very good. Even after a one night stand, she’ll still call for that dick.

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