Every man’s fantasy is to engage in polygamy – Samini

Samini, a prominent reggae/dancehall performer, has discussed religion and the potential of accepting polygamy.

Samini stated in an interview with MX24 TV that he did not restrict himself to a particular place of worship and that he would visit either the church or the mosque at his own choice.

Despite having been raised as a Christian, he emphasized his mixed religious heritage, with the majority of his family being Muslim.

” I can go to the church, I can go to the mosque, I can go to any other place that I believe that these people that have gathered are calling the Most High that I also call and together we will call the Most High.

“But with no mediator for me personally, you understand? Because I know that I call him directly all the time and he does answer all the time. All the time,” he explained.

Every man’s fantasy is to engage in polygamy – Samini

Regarding the idea of polygamy, Samini agreed that it’s a fantasy for many men to engage in it, but she underlined the significance of agreement and understanding on the parts of all parties.

“Would I attempt polygamy? Well, I think it’s every man’s wish in life, it’s every man’s dream, but it’s in the interest of the woman that you want to be in this kind of agreement with or in this kind of arrangement with to be on the same page with you.

“Other than that you’re going to find problems for yourself. But I think it’s something that every man is given hands and opportunity,” he said.

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