Empress Gifty descends on side chicks again

Empress Gifty, a Ghanaian gospel singer, has cautioned women dating married men to refrain from using unethical tactics to keep them to themselves.

She claimed that rather than “tying them down” with children since it is hard to abolish the “side chick-married man” link, they should just split the men equally.

She claims that, in certain instances, these guys are merely there as God’s assistants and not as potential life partners as they would think.

Empress Gifty descends on side chicks again

“It’s erroneous to have a child with someone’s husband. That’s the worst, destructive decision any woman can make. People are fortifying themselves and using all sorts of powers just to snatch someone’s husband. You can lick some and leave but don’t think you’d be able to snatch him. Some of them are just helpers from God. You don’t keep people’s husbands and give them kayamata,” she fumed in a live TikTok video.

She further chided the ladies for refusing to let go of people’s husbands despite keeping serious boyfriends.

“The saddest part is that most of these girls even have serious boyfriends but they will never let the married go. You have even made a lot of pastors fall,” she added.

Empress Gifty, however, charged men to pay attention to their families and quit entertaining mistresses.

“Men, be content with what you have. Some men have seen other women and have ditched their wives. They have forgotten that it is those women they struggle with. Some men have stopped feeding their children, paying school fees because of side chicks,” she said.

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