Eight(8) mistakes ladies make in a relationship that cost them dearly. No.3 is very bad

Eight(8) mistakes ladies make in a relationship that cost them dearly. No.3 is very bad


Your Relationship lifestyle blogger, Akosua Boatemaa is on with this new piece. Please let me take you through ;

Relationship involves two active partners going out together for purpose either to marry or quench their sexual feelings Nd desires .so one realizes some gives experience,

Some also teaching us lessons. And as I’m on the ladies on this piece…

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Most ladies make many mistakes in relationship and those mistakes are what we’re about to discuss now. So make sure you grab something at the end of it.


1. To Love too much.


Women are very fond of loving a guy too much in a relationship than the guys deserve it. without being able to realize if the guy loves them in the same way. Instead they are easily blinded by the first appearance and first encounter they have with the guy. They fall in love easily and once they have love a guy, they will love too much without looking back at anything or if there will be problem. And that will make a guy to be taking advantage of their love to trick her anyhow. That is why a man can easily use and dump them.


2. In Making a Decision.


ladies are very fond of making a decision that they are going to regret tomorrow. Something Like, accepting the wrong man simply because he is handsome and buoyant to spend on her, without being  concerned about the character. Most women are used to ignoring the character of a man and focusing on the beauty of the pocket of the man and his appearance. And this kind of decisions they make, will always leads them to one problem or the other tomorrow. so i advise you as a woman, to try and make sure you make a right decision. Instead take your time and monitor his character to know if he suits you before having to be in a relationship with him.


3. Secretive.


Many women are too hidden to the extent that they will not tell their partner the things they are passing through, till it leads them to problem.


Share your problems with him, try to let him know the people that are disturbing you, so that he will also be help in scaring them away, in other to minimize problems for you tomorrow. Instead of you keeping it to yourself, thinking that you can do it. Not knowing that men can easily brain wash you and that mat put you in problem. So try to open up with him


4. Been too demanding.


You should not be at his neck always. Try to do somethings on your own. Do not depend on him all the time. Let it not be that all your discussion with him is money you will always bring in. At times show him that you can do things without him. He will always be proud of you when you do so. So fight for yourself as woman of substance And support him if you have but do not give too much support, allow everything to be at equilibrium.


5. Over controlling him.


If you are the type that always to control your man or tell him things he will do. then stop it now please for it is not good. Men don’t like it when a woman is always controlling them. So him some stress and stop being over controlling


6. Nagging.


A nagging woman is never good for a relationship at, so you should not nag at you partner no matter what. Talk to him in a manner that is supposed to and in a respectful way, for a nagging woman always makes mistakes because she is always unhappy.


7. Self centered


Let everything not be all about you. think outside you and learn the things that your man needs you can read this topic how to love a man so that you can know exactly how to treat your man


8. Expressing of feeling.


Never you forget that he is also a human being like you, you should not expect him to know what you actually want. Try to express your feeling to him so that he will know when he is not doing the right thing to you. Show him the impression that he is on point or that he is not, so that he will take correction immediately.

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