EIB Network Clears Her of All Charges And Gives ‘Okays’ Her To Continue Working

Serwaa Amihere has been exonerated of all charges by the management of EIB Network, the proprietors of GHOne Television, following months of research.

In a statement, they revealed that Serwaa Amihere had no wrongdoing in relation to a private film that showed her and Henry Fitz having fun.

After the video went popular on social media, rumors circulated that it was shot in 2019—prior to Fitz’s marriage—online.

In retaliation, EIB Network pledged to share the results of a confidential investigation into the events leading up to the video’s distribution. The Ghana Police Service has filed criminal charges against those who were allegedly responsible for distributing the video, and EIB Network accepted these actions.

EIB Network Clears Her of All Charges And Gives ‘Okays’ Her To Continue Working

In a press release dated July 5, 2024, EIB Network stated the findings following the investigation:

“At the end of a thorough and impartial investigation, the committee found no form of misconduct or breaches on the part of Serwaa Amihere in the circulation of the said video.”

The statement further emphasized, “We remain committed to cooperating with authorities to ensure justice is served.”

Serwaa Amihere subsequently apologized for the incident.

In April, the Ghana Police Service filed charges against three individuals accused of sharing the intimate video of broadcast journalist Serwaa Amihere.

In a statement issued and shared on her X account on the evening of Wednesday, April 24, 2024, Serwaa apologized for the embarrassment the incident has caused her family, employers, loved ones, and the businesses and brands she represents.

Serwaa confirmed that the video was taken five years ago, adding that, at the time, “I considerably underestimated the extent of my influence, my potential, what I would become, and what I would come to represent to this society.”

According to her, the video finally went out “after five months of threats and extortion, along with efforts by the police to bring the extortionists to book.”

Nonetheless, Serwaa said she has learned useful lessons from the unfortunate episode.

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