ECG targets Ministry of Finance over GHc1m debt

A GHc1 million unpaid electricity debt that has accrued over the last ten months threatens to cut off the Ministry of Finance from the national grid.

The substantial arrears are the consequence of the Ministry’s failure to pay its monthly payments, even though power was used during this time.

It has not provided the money that different Municipal and District Assemblies need to pay off their own unpaid bills.

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) decided to disconnect the Ministry of Finance as a signal to higher authorities because, according to sources within the company, the matter had to be addressed immediately.

ECG targets Ministry of Finance over GHc1m debt

According to reports, an ECG team will speak with Minister of Finance Dr. Amin Adam in an attempt to find a solution.

The Ghanaian Parliament is being pursued by the ECG for an unpaid debt of GHc23 million, in addition to the amount owed by the Finance Ministry.

The ECG national task force has issued a warning, stating that disconnection procedures will be taken against Parliament as well if they are unable to pay their debts.

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