EC to start replacement of voter ID cards May 30

As per the announcement made by the Electoral Commission (EC), voter ID card replacement will start on Thursday, May 30, and end on Friday, June 14.

Applications for proxy voting and vote transfers will be accepted over this same period.

Public universities, some electoral zones, and EC district offices will host the events.

It is noteworthy that endorsing more than ten individuals, non-Ghanaians, or those under the age of eighteen is illegal for guarantors.

EC to start replacement of voter ID cards May 30

The Election Commission (EC) had already announced preparations to update the voter registration in advance of the December 2024 elections.

The start date of this update is May 7 and it will end on May 27, 2024. Ensuring that newly eligible voters, particularly those who have turned 18 recently, can be enrolled to the voter register is the aim.

Additionally, during this time, anyone who are over 18 and have not yet registered for a voter ID card will have the opportunity to do so.

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