EC to extend voter registration to prison inmates

Prior to the general election of 2024, the Electoral Commission (EC) announces it is collaborating with the Ghana Prisons Service to register eligible prisoners.

The Commission said that eligible prisoners would be registered in all of its district offices from August 1 to August 3, 2024, as part of a mop-up registration activity.

Following its Wednesday meeting with the National Peace Council in Accra, the Commission made its announcement at a media briefing.

The meeting was a part of the EC’s outreach to important stakeholders in advance of the 2024 elections, informing them of the schedule and asking for their feedback to guarantee free, fair, transparent, and credible elections.

EC to extend voter registration to prison inmates

The discussion, which took place behind closed doors, focused on ways to promote harmony and peace before, during, and after the elections among political players, the public, institutions, and other stakeholders.

In order to allay suspicions and advance accountability and openness, the Peace Council requested that the EC cultivate confidence among the public and political parties. It also requested that the EC consistently involve pertinent stakeholders in its operations.

The EC’s Chairperson, Mrs. Jean Mensa, stated that the Commission decided to involve the Peace Council because it was dedicated to holding free, fair, and legitimate elections.

“We have had useful deliberations. The purpose was to brief the Council, receive feedback, and address some of the concerns that you have.

“We are going away with some useful nuggets that we believe will strengthen our work,” she said.

Mrs. Mensa reaffirmed the Commission’s commitment to making the required preparations so that the citizens of Guan Constituency can take part in the next elections.

She further stated that indelible ink would be utilized throughout the process and that the Commission would not propose any new Constitutional Instruments to oversee the elections on December 7.

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