EC to create 25 new constituencies

The “Representation of the People (Parliamentary Constituencies) (Amendment) Instrument, 2023” is the name of the CI that the majority leader is anticipated to bring to the legislature.

In addition to the 275 already-existing constituencies around the nation, this amendment seeks to create 25 new ones.

Prior to now, the Electoral Commission (EC) had made clear that it was still working to add new seats, one of which will come from the Guan District.

EC to create 25 new constituencies

It was planned that when parliament met again in October 2023, this process would continue.

On Monday, September 11, 2023, Dr. Eric Bossman Asare, the Deputy Commissioner of the EC in charge of Corporate Services, discussed these advancements in a TV3 interview.

“We are in the process of creating some new constituencies and Guan District is one of them. If not because parliament is on recess, we should have started the process in parliament,” Dr Bossman said.

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