Eating Eggs With Any Of These 4 Foods Is Dangerous To Your Health

Food poisoning can come from a combination of different types of food. Combining food is one of the most regular things we do. People have different reasons for combining foods; like my father and brothers cannot eat rice without beans. Some people combine foods to have a greater effect.

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. I care about you and what you put in your mouth and that is why I am writing this article for you. Did you know that the normal food you eat daily can become poisonous to your body?

For a balanced meal and to avoid the above problems, you need to know which food is a good combination to create a healthy meal.

The egg is a high protein food with a lot of nutrients, some call it a superfood. It’s cheap and easily accessible, but the problem is that it takes longer to digest; so you need to be careful about the foods you combine with eggs so as not to stress your stomach.

What i want to point out to you is that combining the wrong foods can actually harm your body. They can lead to indigestion, constipation, heart disease, and even diarrhoea.

Here are the goods foods you should never combine together with eggs:

1. Potato

“Eggs and potatoes don’t go down well in the stomach. The potato contains nutrients that prevent the absorption of iron and calcium from eggs. Eating these two together will lead to indigestion, so it’s very bad.

2. Fish

this is a bad combination. This is because avidin, an ingredient in eggs, can neutralize the vitamin B7 that fatty fish contain in large quantities. Vitamin B7 is very essential for metabolizing fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the body. Instead of fish, use vegetables to prepare your egg.

3. Some fruits

Some fruits like apple, watermelon, pears should not be eaten after protein products including eggs. This is because fruits take less time to digest than proteins, which take longer to digest. Confusing your stomach can cause you problems.

When you don’t know what to choose between a sweet combination and a healthy one, always go for a healthy food combination so you don’t go through what I’ve been through. On the other hand, always monitor your body for any reaction to any food you eat in order to stop it in time.

4. Milk

Some people eat eggs with milk to increase their protein intake. But not all proteins are compatible with each other, for example, egg and milk. Milk should be consumed separately from any other food so that the valuable substances it contains can be completely absorbed by the body.

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