E-Levy: Ghanaians don’t like to pay tax

According to Gabby Otchgere-Darko, the poor uptake of the E-LEVY following its installation can be attributed to Ghanaians’ lack of interest in paying their taxes.

He thinks the E-LEVY is a good tax that was intended to promote national growth and bring everyone into the tax system.

E-Levy: Ghanaians don’t like to pay tax

However, Gabby Othcere-Darko has accused Ghanaians of not paying their tastes on time after the E-LEVY failed to bring in the anticipated amount of money.

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E-levy: Gov’t fails to meet revenue target

In a tweet, the de facto Prime Minister intimated that Ghanaians, naturally do not like to pay tax reason the E-LEVY has only brought in 10 per cent of the estimated revenue target.

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