Drogba of YOLO fame battling ‘strange’ illness; calls for help

Actor John Bredu Peasah, best known for his roles as Bra Charles and Drogba in the hit television series YOLO, is battling a difficult medical condition at the moment.

According to reports, he has been diagnosed with a disorder called demyelinating illness, which damages the sheath that surrounds nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord.


Drogba of YOLO fame battling ‘strange’ illness; calls for help

Although Drogba has been receiving therapy for the previous 2.5 years, he is now requesting financial support to help pay for the growing costs of his condition’s medical care.

Numerous stars and celebrities have responded to this cry for help by organizing fundraisers and expressing their hopes for his speedy recovery.

Many people are expressing their sincere wishes for his well-being and a quick recovery while efforts to raise funds for his treatment continue.

Meanwhile, Drogba’s black automobile was irreparably destroyed in a horrific accident a few years prior.

“I just wanna thank God for my life….Oluwa is involved. Sharing this photo because this is a testimony 🙏🏽…have me in mind when praying …I can’t die before my time,” he announced.

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