Driver Group Rejects ‘Illegal’ 20% Transport Fares Hike

A group calling itself Alliance of Drivers Ghana says it is illicit and unlawful for a group of drivers to decide for themselves to increase transport fares without consent of the Ministry of Transport.

According to the group, it is illegal for those drivers to increase transport fares without following due process.

They have therefore called on Ghanaians to resist the increment in transport fares.

In a press release dated May 10, 2022, Alliance of Drivers said “The recent fuel and diesel price increment is a major concern to drivers and the ordinary Ghanaian. There have been major calls on government to reduce or scrap some taxes on petroleum products but as it stands now the total amount of taxes on petroleum products sums up to GHC 2.90 including Energy debt levy, Road fund and the likes.

“It is to our utmost believe that the government feels the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian and will do everything humanly possible to mitigate the negative effect of this undue increase in international fuel prices hence will not offer deaf ears to this call.

“However by this release, we expressly state that it is very illicit and unlawful for any union, group of drivers or any individual to single handedly increase the price of transport fares without the consent or the authorisation of the Transport Ministry or the government.”

It has therefore stated that any union behind ‘this barbaric act’ does not have any legal capacity to do so hence all drivers and passengers must resist any attempt by any person to increase transport fares.

“The country belongs to us all and we don’t owe sovereignty to any group of people with the exception of the 1992 constitution.

“Let’s all make it a point to abide by the rule of law and desist from any unlawful act,” the statement said.




Source: Daily Guide


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