Dormaa Nkyenkyenkye FC Appoint Hon. Edwin Akrasi Tannor as Head of Legal Affairs

Bank Roller and President of Nkyenkyenkye F.C, HON. OPPONG KWAKU MAESTRO has appointed a long-time political friend and a former Colleague of Dormaa Municipal Assembly as Head of Legal Affairs and Legal Advisor to Dormaa Nkyenkyenkye F.C, in the person of Hon. Edwin Akrasi Tannor.

The pair worked together as Assembly Members for Schaefer Electoral Area and Atoase Electoral Area respectively.

At the Dormaa Municipal Assembly, Hon. Akrasi was a member of the Justice and Security Committee while Club President, Oppong Kwaku Maestro served as Finance Committee Chairman between 2015-2018.

Both Legislators meet at the Social Services Committee of the same Municipal Assembly between 2017-2019, and it is at this stage that the President of the Club saw the good work ethnic of the Administrator, Cum Legal Advisor, and dreamed of working together.

Atoase consisted of A.T, Zongo, New Dormaa, and Jericho all belonging to the Dormaa Municipal Assembly.

Hon. Oppong Kwaku Maestro is of the view that the appointment of his former Colleague who is now Administrative Manager of The Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Ridge, has what it takes to be a member of the Dormaa Nkyenkyenkye F.C Board of Director.

Hon. Edwin Akrasi Tannor has a rich experience in Administrative and Strategic Management after having a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A ) and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (M.B.A), from University of Education (2010)
and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology,(2013) Business School respectively.

Again, the Administrative Manager of the Regional Hospital has a degree in Law from the Faculty of Law, KNUST in the year 2018.

Upon completion of his Law degree, Hon. Edwin Akrasi Tannor joined the Ministry Of Health as an Administrative Manager which he worked under the Ghana Health Service with his rich experience and strategic Analysis of issues.

The newly appointed legal Advisor of “The pride of Schafer Electoral Area”, Nkyenkyenkye F.C Hon. Edwin Akrasi is a native of Dormaa Ahenkro who resides at New Dormaa when he’s in Dormaa.

Also, he served as Elected Assembly Member from 2015-2020 when he lost his second bid, a few years after being appointed as Administrative Manager by the Ministry of Health, which was used as a political gimmick and propaganda against him that he would not have time for his electorates when voted for.

The Administrator, cum Legal Advisor, Hon. Edwin Akrasi Tannor despite losing his second bid is popular in his community than the incumbent Leader, even though, he’s gradually focusing ahead in the future, rather than District Level Elections.

Currently, the Legal Advisor is the Polling Station Secretary for Dormaa Vocational Training Institute (D.V.T.I) for the ruling New Patriotic Party. He served as a member of the Party Communication Team Member and moved from One Radio station to the other during the 2016 and 2020 Parliamentary and Presidential Elections.

He also served as the Legal Advisor to the Dormaa Constituency Election Campaign Team of which his vision is to mobilize the Grassroots Supporter of the NPP to blend them for future Positions.

Hon. Edwin Akrasi Tannor is a Fan of the Ghanaian Football game and has followed the Sport for decades and understand it’s dynamics.

The President of the Dormaa Nkyenkyenkye F.C, HON. OPPONG KWAKU MAESTRO believes that with the Cordial relationship between the two former Dormaa Municipal Assembly legislators, they can work with each other and work in a team as a whole.

We wish Hon. Edwin Akrasi Tannor, the Head of Legal Affairs, and Legal Advisor, the best of Luck.






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