Don’t believe Cheddar; he is a criminal- Kevin Taylor fires

Kevin Taylor, a controversial television personality, has taken potshots at businessmen and politicians.

Speaking on the Kumasi-based Abusua FM radio program for the EIB Network, Cheddar revealed that if given the opportunity to lead Ghana as president, he will guarantee that Kumasi receives a sea.

According to him, “I have traveled far and wide. I have seen many countries do that. Even Dubai which was a typical desert now has the sea. That is the kind of vision I have for the Ashanti Region. When we dredge the sea to the region, ships can dock in Kumasi”.

Don’t believe Cheddar; he is a criminal- Kevin Taylor fires

In response, a furious Kevin Taylor has taken a hard stance against the leader of the New Force political group.

Kevin Taylor asserts on a recent episode of his show that Cheddar lacked critical thinking skills prior to making those “Stupid” remarks.

The well-known figure in the media claims that Cheddar is not as wealthy as he has led people to assume.

Kevin Taylor pointed out that he is wealthier than Cheddar, who constantly gives the impression that he is wealthy.

He went on to say that everyone who believes in Cheddar is deluded and that he is a crook.

“Cheddar is a criminal. Cheddar said he would create a sea, did he think about it before he made that utterance? Cheddar is a criminal, are you a fool? Even, I am richer than him. Are you mad? Are you a fool?”, Kevin Taylor said.

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