Don’t allow yourselves to be used by politicians – Bernard Avle to youth

The general manager of Citi FM/Citi TV, Bernard Avle, has urged young people to get involved in local government issues in particular.

Speaking to a gathering of young people in Accra, Mr. Avle urged them to take ownership of setting their agenda and stressed the significance of not letting politicians exploit them as tools.

“The youth manifesto is the beginning of many things. People sense that young people’s time has come and everybody wants to use that. So the first thing I want to say to you is that don’t be a tool for somebody’s agenda.

He also urged the young people to actively participate in politics, stressing the value of uniting around shared ideals.

Additionally, Mr. Avle emphasized the necessity of going beyond simple grievances and participating in the local assembly in order to promote the mobilization of individuals around important concerns.

“You define your agenda because the future is for you. I am 42-years-old. I won’t be here in 100 years, a lot of you will still be here hopefully even in 50 years. So don’t let the political parties define what the election is about. You define it. You decide who you will vote for. You set the agenda. Don’t work for somebody’s agenda.”

“Number two, get involved. I voted a couple of days ago in the local assembly elections. You have to organise around what you believe in. So don’t just complain, get into the assembly and get involved.

“Organise people around things that matter. Engage in the local community so that people understand what our priorities are. We have to get involved in local politics not necessarily to be voted for but to understand the process. You cannot influence what you don’t understand,” he stated.

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