Do this in Ghana if you want to be popular – Shatta Wale reveals

Shatta Wale, the dancehall superstar from Ghana, has spoken on the continuing debates around his name on the United Showbiz program that is broadcast on UTV.

For this specific episode, industry experts Mr. Logic, Ola Michael, and Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo have gathered to analyze the most recent changes to the Ghanaian entertainment sector. It is known that Shatta Wale and the panelists have previously exchanged heated words.

One significant conflict occurred in 2021 when Shatta Wale took issue with remarks made by panelist Arnold about contradictions the pundit had identified. This argument was broadcast live and garnered media attention.

More recently, in August 2023, when Ola Michael, another participant, said that Shatta Wale shouldn’t be qualified for a diplomatic passport because of his actions, the program sparked controversy once more. In response, Shatta Wale released a diss tune and several videos where he didn’t hold back on the profanity.

Do this in Ghana if you want to be popular – Shatta Wale reveals

In response, Shatta Wale hasn’t held back in calling out his critics, notably the panelists from United Showbiz, using adjectives like “pained” and “poor” among other strong ones.

More recently, soon after receiving yet another wave of criticism on the most recent episode of the program, which aired on September 3.
On September 5, Shatta Wale returned to Twitter and made the amusing suggestion that anyone wishing to get fame could just go on UTV and criticize him.

“UTV paaaa????????????????????????????????????. Which format be this kwraaaa ????????????,”

“If you want to be popular in Ghana just go on UTV and degrade shatta wale .. People will know your name right nowwwww????????????????????????????????????????????????????,” He posted.

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