Revealed: Dirty secrets of Rose of Date Rush disclosed by close friend

A very close of Date Rush’s Rose has spilled some dirty secrets of her friend (Rose) after a recent dust-up between her (Rose) and her date Man Bossy on TV.

Tv3’s date rush has become a television show that most Ghanaian viewers talk about because it continues to unbridle dramatic and captivating content for viewers as weeks pass by.

During the last edition which was themed reunion edition, most participants who had dates during the previous weeks we again brought to the show to share the experiences they had after they went away with their dates.

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Manbossey, who is a look-alike of popular Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie came on the reunion show with Rose because once upon a time Rose kept his rush on to be taken away by Manbossey.

Manbossey complained bitterly about Rose’s behavior. He described Rose as a money girl.

” It was so bad that whenever I texted her how she was, she’d say she was broke and needed money. She even told me the last time she took a commercial vehicle was in 2018. She claims that she is an uber lady and takes uber anywhere she had to go. I was upset because I felt she was being unrealistic with her demands.” Manbossey said.

” I have needs and as a man, you are obliged to take care of my needs!! I am an Uber girl and I don’t remember the last time I took a “troski”.Rose replied.

However, few days after Rose said she’s an Uber girl, a lady who says she attended the same school with Rose tags her as a liar.

According to the lady who remains anonymous, Rose used to board “Troski” to school and she still does. she also added that Rose’s mother sells Indomie at a popular joint in Accra.

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