Democrat Joe Biden “trumps” his way to victory as the 46th President of the USA

After Democrat Joe Biden fter waiting for days with bated breath the election results for the United States of America have been released. On November 3rd the American citizens cast a vote to elect another candidate who was to succeed President Doanld Trump as the 46th President, with the aforementioned running for a second term.

The contender for the Presidential seat was Joe Biden, democrat and former Vice President of Barack Obama.

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Based on the statistics of the election, Biden won states California,Washington and most if not all of the states along the western coast. He sustained a 284 electoral voting, 10 votes more than the required 274 which will declare him as the winner. Although others deem it a clear win,

President Trump thinks otherwise and has filed cases for alleged cheating in the balloting. Experts say that the case which is currently in the Supreme court of law might last weeks if not months. Whatever happens, the world anticipates the hopefully fair and final decision by the Supreme court.


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