Delay slams fan for asking why she is not married

Renowned businesswoman and media figure Deloris Frimpong Manso, sometimes referred to as Delay, has blasted a fan for inquiring about her marital status.

She said that the fan’s query wasn’t really essential.

On her Instagram page, Delay posted that she was open to receiving any questions from her followers and that she would be happy to answer them.

An Instagram account which bears the name xbora_official asked, “Why are you not married? And more ever you don’t have a child.”

Delay found the question to be annoying and said she would not answer it since it was irrelevant at the time, calling it “nonsense.”

“That’s a very stupid question. I can’t answer it!” Delay wrote.

Delay slams fan for asking why she is not married

Many people have questioned the media celebrity that presents The Delay Show about her marital status, questioning why she hasn’t been married yet.

Delay responded angrily to a Facebook user who had made an insulting remark under one of her postings in 2022. Delay had made hints about being in love before this.

The internet troll identified as Richard Otegah, described the host of The Delay Show as a ‘big joke’ in reaction to Delay’s harmless Facebook post that read: “It’s just US. YOU and I”.

His comment read: “You think Facebook love is marriage??? You have not been able to stay with a man under the same roof for even a month and you think of marrying!!!! You are a big joke!!!! You think marriage is like running a business????”

Dealy who doesn’t play around when it comes to social media trolls was quick to clap back by sharing the profile photo of his critic with a message that read: “Richard Otega. The god of marriage, I salute.”

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