Covid 19:Over 50 Vaccines Trials Ongoing – WHO says

Covid 19:Over 50 Vaccines Trials Ongoing – WHO says

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced that there are more than 50 trials for Coronavirus vaccine (COVID-19).

Fiona Braka, the country officer for WHO in Nigeria,when speaking on a Channels Television programme on Tuesday, said there is also a multi-country trial for a drug for the virus. Over 828,000 persons have so far been infected while more than 40,700 have died in little over three months.

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Most of the 174,000 persons who have recovered from the infection did so as a result of a strong immune system and absence of underlying health conditions.

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“We currently have over 50 vaccine trials that are in place, trying to work round the clock to fast-track the vaccine development process, and we continue to keep countries informed of that process.

“When it comes to treatment, WHO is leading a multi-country clinical trial. So far, 45 countries have signed up for that,” Braka said.

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Braka also indicated that what is being adopted is a “solidarity trial” that would “test different drugs in four different arms against the normal standard of care we are currently implementing.”

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