Covid 19 Exposes : Lesson of life

Covid 19 Exposes : Lesson of life

The global pandemic Coronavirus outbreak has come to teach us a real life changing lessons and the world needs to appreciate and and embrace upon it .


There are many young people of today who visualize success to be, having so much money,flashy cars, women, fame etc.

Some use evil means to get rich whilst others use genuine means. As for those who acquire theirs through the wrong means, they easily lose it. There isn’t God’s blessing in the money hence the money doesn’t benefit them, as there is a saying that, “easy come easy go”.

As humans as they are, the love for intimate affairs with the opposite sex is a burning desire in them. Unfortunately, marriage is seen by them as a restriction to their youthful exploration.

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Browsing the underwears of young girls, tagged as girlfriends or prostitutes. Wasting huge sums of money in the process. At a point, they realize that they should marry in order to prevent shame from befalling them.

So they get married and life goes on.

Instead of building a home full of love, compassion and care, they rather build houses full of expensive furniture and emptiness. Emptiness because there is no love, peace and trust.

They keep their wives and children in these houses, whilst they keep touring the hotels, brothels and rented rooms and breaking virginities of young girls. In the end, they have houses and no homes. Is that what religion has taught us?


Covid-19 has come to expose all these ‘green snakes under green grass’.

The advice from everyone across the globe is that, “stay at home”, yet many have no homes, so pathetic.

Have you ever wondered why no one says “stay in the house” but rather “stay at home”? Do you know why we have hometown and not housetown?

Home and house are certainly not the same. Think about it.


Now, people are running to their hometowns out of fear for Corona virus. Yet the last time they went there was some years ago for a funeral or to attend to an emmergency call. Never do they pay visits to the homes that brought them up, yet in difficult times, they remember they have homes. They keep bitting the fingers that fed them.

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They are now going to seek refuge in the place they considered ‘uncivilized’, blaming politicians for not doing but, yet they could have also done something for the community.

If you don’t help develop your own home, who would?

It requires more than the government’s efforts to make your home a dream land. When things get better, don’t ever forget to do something for your community. Development is as a result of collaborative efforts of you, the government and all citizens in the country.

Some people are sad about the pandemic, not because others are dieing or suffering, but guess what; they are sad because everyone will stay at home and they wouldn’t get anyone to steal from.

They are sad because they won’t get the opportunity to take bribes on the roadside or in the offices.

They are sad because men would be with their wives at home and they wouldn’t get customers. What a crazy world!!

Some are even using this situation to steal.

Just a few days ago, market women in Salaga were robbed by a bunch of crazy thieves who raised a false alarm that soldiers were coming to the market.

These poor women took to their heels only for the thieves to pounce on what those women came to sell, in order to help feed their families.

Others were also arrested in Techiman for producing and selling fake hand sanitizers and putting people at high risk of contracting the virus.

With all these, we still think that just praying and fasting will save us?

Don’t you think this is the right time to repent?

Indeed we need to repent and ask others too to repent for the sake of God.

If you have no home, where will you go, should the country be locked down for some time?

Corona has presented us the best opportunity to repent and turn a new leaf.

Forget about those sex entrepreneurs out there who only stay with you when there is money. Give your wife the necessary attention she deserves because she is always there for you whether rain or shine. And if you don’t have a wife, mind your own business until you get one.

With this, we can build homes and not just houses. Thanks to Corona for teaching us this life-changing lesson.

Stay safe and save lives.


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