Cost of removing abandoned tollbooths off the Accra-Tema highway will be GH1 million

The Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) has begun a project to partially decommission the tollbooth buildings on the Accra-Tema Motorway.

The primary booths, two of which were located on the main motorway’s inner lane, will be destroyed as part of the exercise, which is expected to cost GH1 million.

The booths outside of the two major lanes won’t be changed. These extra booths were built as part of the expansion project at the toll booths to assist reduce traffic while the toll was in use.

According to a statement made to Graphic Online by the Ghana Highways Authority, all of the concrete slabs on which the tollbooths were situated would be removed.

Cost of removing abandoned tollbooths off the Accra-Tema highway will be GH1 million

In recent years, the abandoned tollbooths have become a hotspot for accidents, with one fatality there last Sunday.

The abandoned tollbooth buildings on the Motorway have drawn criticism from the general population.

Two people were hurt when a tipper vehicle collided with two of the booths in May 2022.

Additionally, drivers have voiced their displeasure at the toll booths’ poor visibility, particularly at night when there are no lights at the places or broken reflectors.

Decommissioning programme

The Director of Road Safety and Environment at the GHA, Joseph Atsu Amedzake, told Graphic Online’s Della Russel Ocloo that arrangements have been finalised for the partial removal of the tollbooths to make traveling much easier for commuters.

“We are presently mobilising resources, equipment and personnel to enable us commence work immediately” he said.

As part of the exercise, three lanes on which the booths are sitting, earmarked for removal have been cordoned off.

When Graphic Online visited the Accra end of the tollbooth at about 2:50 pm on Thursday [Sept 7, 2023], it was observed that reflective cones had been placed within the cordoned area to warn motorists about the blockade of some of the lanes.

That, Mr Amedzake said was a safety measure to prevent accidents and to ensure that motorists are aware of the situation around the tollbooths.

“In the interim, we are also mobilising to install solar-powered streetlights at the Tema and Accra ends of the tollbooths to address the safety concerns while we look for a permanent solution of lighting the entire motorway.


Mr Amedzake also said that patching works of the depressed areas along the motorway which continue to pose danger to commuters will soon begin to address the safety concerns.

The potholes have also become a major cause of traffic congestion along the stretch which previously was the most preferred fastest route for many commuters travelling in and out of Accra to Tema and other parts of the country.

Mr Amedzake appealed to motorists and commuters to exercise caution when using the affected sections of the motorway, while also encouraging them to obey the speed limit so as to help prevent accidents.

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