Cost of living is very high now, I spend GH¢150k monthly- Guru cries

Highlife performer Guru shared his daily expenses with his followers in an interview that elicited conflicting responses.

The musician, who is also a real estate tycoon, claimed he budgets at least GH10,000 each day for a decent lifestyle and spends no more than GH150,000 per month.

He disclosed that his schooling accounts for a sizable percentage of his monthly expenses.

At the University of Ghana, Guru is now working on a degree in political science and information studies.

Guru said that in addition to his school costs, he also has financial obligations to others, such as supporting his family, friends, and business partners.

Cost of living is very high now, I spend GH¢150k monthly- Guru cries

Another significant portion of his expenses is allocated to daily living costs, including food, tips, giveaways for fans, and his overall security.

Due to his hectic schedule and rounds, Guru stated that he spends a significant amount—roughly GHC 1,500—on gasoline every three days.

Guru’s investment in real estate, which he claims as a profitable endeavor, is one significant facet of his financial activity.

Real estate investments, in his opinion, might require a lot of cash yet have long-term financial advantages.

Fans and the general public are talking about Guru’s open admission of his monthly expenditures.

While some have praised his openness and success, others have questioned if such high costs can be sustained and whether financial preparation is necessary.

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