Coronavirus: Let us stop using mobile phones – Agyenim Boateng tells President Akuffo Addo

Coronavirus: Let us stop using mobile phones – Agyenim Boateng tells President Akuffo Addo

Renowned Radio and TV Evangelist, Kingsley Agyenim Boateng has stated emphatically that the deadly coronavirus disease is connected to the mobile phone as the Chinese are using that as a tool to achieve their goal by taking over the world.

The Evangelist in his opinion believes that, a lockdown isn’t the solution to end the pandemic.

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Using other countries as a scenario, many countries have recorded high death rates when they took the initiative by locking down their countries.

“ The Virus is connected to the mobile phone and this is a revelation people must know. This is because when you are locked down in your room, you do not have any choice than to watch television and to use your mobile phones. For that matter, every house that has a mobile phone is at risk in getting the virus”. He disclosed.

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According to him, the Chinese know the number of people in the world, hence they are reducing the number significantly.


“ This a spiritual issue not by the use of man power. God has revealed this to many pastors but they’ve kept mute. The president, His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo should let us stop using our mobile phones for a week instead of a lock down. Again, that will make the disease disappear since they won’t get to know the number of people who are alive.” He averred.

Evangelist Agyenim Boateng went on and unveiled that, locking down will just escalate the death toll and affected individuals in the country as the country will keep recording more cases hence, doesn’t care the attack he will receive from the public.




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