Coronavirus : Accra Quiet as people scared of being beaten by military

Coronavirus : Accra Quiet as people scared of being beaten by military

Residents of the capital, Accra have being fear gripped as they are scared of being battered by military personnel’s patrolling.

Speaking to some residents in the capital, they disclosed that, they are frightened to step out despite the president’s directive that, one can get medicines and other valuable items during this quarantine period.

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“ After this directive that’s why we got all our foodstuffs and necessary things that we will need as a family so we don’t fall prey as the military are all over”. One resident said.

As they are fear engulfed to step out, some of these residents have pleaded with their companies in which they work for to at least pay them earlier so they use the money to get more foodstuffs as they are scared they might run out of food as time goes on.

“ The month has almost ended and we are begging our companies to issue payment of salaries earlier so we can get more foodstuffs as we spend two weeks of being indoors. My children are at home, while am at work so the earlier we get our salaries the happier we will be”. Another stated.

The president, His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo on Friday issued a directive which stated emphatically that for the next two weeks residents in both Accra and Kumasi should stay indoors as the frontline of the fight against coronavirus is just at the front door.


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