Coronavirus: A total lockdown will ‘break’ us – Kayaye operators


Coronavirus: A total lockdown will ‘break’ us – Kayaye operators

Ghana first recorded two (2) coronavirus cases earlier this month and kept recording more cases as the day goes by. This unfortunate occurrence triggered the Ghana Medical Association to call on the government to lockdown the country as the deadly pandemic keeps spreading across the country.

Speaking to some head potters popularly known as Kayaye in the Eastern Capital, Koforidua, they disclosed how bad a total lockdown of the country will affect them and also don’t seem to be happy with the idea of the association.

“ A total lockdown will affect us badly my brother. This is what we do, this is what gives us our daily bread, so telling us to stay indoors for weeks will empty our pockets. Our business is more like a hand to mouth kinda business so locking it down means hunger will kill us.

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Though the government has said it isn’t going to do that, we believe if the pressure put on him becomes much he might consider and take that action. “ said by one

According to them, most them sleep outside and do not have a place to lay their heads at night.

“ Most of us do sleep outside at night, so the question we keep asking each other is, where are we going to sleep at night? Times are hard for us, bringing this might make us lose our lives. The people calling for the lockdown are people who are well to do. These have stored food at home, and do not care about we the head potters.” Another said.

They therefore used the medium to plead with the government not adhere to what the Ghana Medical Association and what others are saying on social media but rather be firm by not locking down the country.


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