Clear Difference Between Fifa Best And Ballon D’or


This Monday, The ‘Best’ awards are presented to celebrate the best players in world football. However, it is not the only trophy distributed by individual performances. There is also the Ballon d’Or, but what makes them different?

Although from 2010-2015 ‘The Best’ and the Ballon d’Or were the same trophy, the truth is that for four seasons the awards have been split to show the important of them both.

The main difference between ‘The Best’ and the Ballon d’Or lies in who offers the trophy. In the first, it is FIFA that designates the winner, while the second is awarded by ‘France Football’.


Also, ‘The Best’ has two stages of voting. In the first there is a panel of football experts, who choose the ten nominees per prize. In the second, journalists, fans, captains and coaches can also participate.


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