Child Rights International Denies Allegations Of Attempting To Extort Ghc 200K From Akuapem Poloo


Child Rights International, the organization responsible for Akuapem Poloo’s trial has denied some allegations levelled against them in relation to Akuapem Poloo’s trial.

It could be recalled that it was reported that the organization asked Akuapem Poloo to raise an amount of Ghc 200,000 in order to avoid prosecution, but she couldn’t.


Child Rights International has released a statement claiming none of those reports are true.

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Read full statement below:

The recent report made to the police on the abuse of a child’s right to privacy and dignity, has
resulted in a lot of falsehoods being peddled against Child Rights International (CRI) and its
Executive Director. Prominent amongst them was the claim that the Executive Director
requested for a sum of money from Akuapem Poloo, in order to withdraw the complaint made
against her at the C.I.D headquarters.
CRI wants to state categorically that;

  1. At no point during the discussions did we agree that Ms. Rosemond Brown should pay
    GHC 200,000 to our outfit. Since the establishment of the organization in 1997, CRI has
    never taken money or materials from individuals. The Child Protection Policy of the
    organization does not allow for such demands to be made.
  2. There was no discussion between the two parties during which the Executive Director,
    Mr. Bright Appiah, requested to be a signatory to the investment account that was to be
    opened for the son of Ms. Rosemond as was agreed upon by herself and lawyer in the
    presence of her management as well as friends, when they visited the office on four
    different occasions. Mr. Appiah never made any statement to that effect.
  3. There was never a request by CRI or its Executive Director to Ms. Brown
    requesting GHC 200,000 to be paid to the organization as a buyout of its pursuit of the
    case as is being mischievously suggested by some media reports.
    Moving forward, Child Rights International will have no alternative than to sue anybody, who
    spews falsehoods about the organization and its Executive Director. The organization only
    intervened to use alternative resolution methods to deal with the matter as recommended by the
    Domestic Violence Act 2007 (Act 732).
    Child Rights International is a principled organization with a child protection policy that guides
    its activities and will always operate within the context of the law. We are bias towards issues
    relating to children and their wellbeing and we will continue to protect children no matter what.

We make a promise as an organization that no matter the circumstance or consequence, we will
always be bound by the welfare of children and nothing will deter us from pursuing that goal.
Child Rights International (CRI) is a non-governmental organization that is committed to the
promotion and protection of the inherent dignity of every child. The organization has over the
years, devoted its attention and resources to championing the rights of children in the country.
CRI has with the support of its stakeholders, particularly the media, helped address many of the
issues that affect the wellbeing of children. Over the years, we have taken actions against many
organizations and individuals who through their conduct intentionally or unintentionally abused
children’s rights.
Since the organization’s establishment in 1997, it has been fighting for the realization of these
rights and responsibilities across the length and breadth of the country. Currently, CRI operates
in over 1,200 rural communities providing scholarships for over 500 children. Our mobile
library projects in rural communities is benefiting more than 30,000 children. 43,000 children
have been withdraw from child labour and streetism. We have also provided psychosocial
support for children and their families.
We have in the past worked on issues of juvenile justice, streetism, safety seats in cars for
children, the payment of SNNIT for domestic workers, safe school environment for the
wellbeing of children and a host of others.


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