Cheddar’s son replies to critics of his expensive Richard Mille wristwatch

By allowing him to drive a GH3.2M to his prom, Nana Bediako Cheddar’s son has responded to those who say his father was being excessively expensive.

The business magnate’s son claimed that his father earned his money and was free to spend it any way he saw appropriate.

The son of Ghanaian business tycoon Nana Bediako Cheddar stole the limelight at the GIS Prom 2022 by wearing a Richard Mille wristwatch.

Cheddar’s son replies to critics of his expensive Richard Mille wristwatch

The wristwatch worn by Cheddar’s son, however, is extremely expensive in Ghana.

According to our research, the Richard Mille RM11 wristwatch he was rocking is valued at a whooping GH3,215,685 ($191,500).

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Responding to critics and social media users who felt his father should have spent that huge amount of money on bettering the lives of the poor and needy in society, Cheddar’s son has said:

“It’s my father’s money. He can do whatever he wants with it. He worked hard for it. Therefore, he can spend it any way he wants. If he wants to buy a boat, he can. “

Cheddar’s son also stated that he wanted to enjoy his life and time; thus, he disagreed with people who say that rocking a Richard Mille was a waste of money.

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