Check Out The legendary Advice Abrewa Nana Gave To Female Musicians

It is becoming of trend for now female musicians to add nudity or semi – nudity to their brand appearance for the common aim of seeking attention from most people or another way of gaining popularity in the industry. Of course female nudity as a marketing strategy or tool has been known to have sold out more easier and faster than a whole rule of business strategy being applied but has its on effect on a brand.
It is with this that Dancehall artiste Abrewa Nana has given out a friendly advice to now female musicians to focus and show more of their talents than their nakedness.

With her, from experience, talent has taken most people to places than nudity has as such it baffles her a little to see now musicians interested in showing of their nudity than their works.

“My concern is, what happens after that? No one takes you serious if you don’t have the talent.
I cannot force any female artiste to desist from exposing some part of their bodies in their music videos or in the way they dress, but the little I can do as a big sister is to say that it is not the best. Although we had a little nudity during our time, it’s becoming a common practice these days,” she said.

Abrewa Nana known to be christened as Dorcas Opoku Dakwa, who has been missing from the music scene for years, now says she is coming back in a big way.

“As a musician, you need a break in your career to re-organise yourself and come back big. As we talk now, I am done with about eight singles that feature Samini, Ayesem and a couple of other great artistes,” she revealed.

Although she has not been active on the music scene, Abrewa Nana, who has songs such as Odo Fila, Esisi Woso, Sika and Wa Rushi, said no artiste had been able to take her place because she was original.


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