Change Your Attitudes And Stop Blaming The Government For Flooding – MzVee to Ghanaians

MzVee has shared her opinion in the ongoing debate about flooding in the country.

Her opinion is that part of the blame for careless garbage disposal techniques should fall on the public.

MzVee accepted the government’s responsibility during an interview on Property FM in Cape Coast, particularly in the absence of an adequate drainage system.

She underlined, however, that residents cannot escape responsibility since their carelessness with regard to safety and careless manner of life considerably contribute to the flooding problem.

“Our drainage system is really horrible, and the government has to look at that. We can’t blame everything on the government, although the government is to be blamed a lot, but I feel the citizens must also take the blame.

Change Your Attitudes And Stop Blaming The Government For Flooding – MzVee to Ghanaians

“If you see the amount of plastic bottles, I don’t think the government came to put them there, so I think we’re all to blame for these things,” she remarked.

MzVee also emphasized the crucial contribution that ordinary people play in resolving the issue by properly discarding garbage, particularly plastic bottles. She urged everyone to take responsibility for addressing the nation’s flood problem.

Her remarks are being made in the midst of intense criticism of the government’s performance.

A pressure organization called Democracy Hub recently organized a three-day street demonstration called #OccupyJulorbi House. The hashtag gained popularity on social media, and several Ghanaian celebrities joined the campaign for improved governance and effective management of the nation’s economy.

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